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    Festive performance

    Diabolo, Juggling & Crystal Ball Show
    Experience the wonder and excitement as Willis brings entertainment to a whole new level!

    LED Diabolo Performance Timings 
    5 Feb: 6:20pm/6:55pm/8:20pm/8:55pm

    Crystal Ball Performance Timings 
    4 Feb: 5:40pm/6:15pm/7:40pm/8:15pm

    Festive performance

    Xuan Sports has been established for 10 years and is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year! Don't miss their polish movements in routines, from fists to long and short weapons, as well as, Taiji.

    Performance Timings
    28 Jan: 2:05pm 
    29 Jan: 6:30pm
    4 Feb: 2:05pm
    5 Feb: 2:30pm

    Festive performance

    Nam Sieng Cai Qing 
    In the past 23 years, the Singapore Nanxian Dragon and Lion Sports Association has achieved many brilliant achievements, including winning prizes in domestic and overseas competitions. Catch them in action at this Cai Qing event that kicks start the Chinese New Year festivities at Singapore Sports Hub.

    Performance Timing
    28 Jan: 7pm
    4 Feb: 7:55pm
    5 Feb: 7:05pm

    Festive performance

    ZingO Drums
    ZingO Drum group is a strong leader in Singapore Chinese Drum Scene. Their performance is sure to light up the festive atmosphere with their various drumming sets. 

    Performance Timings
    28 Jan: 6:35pm
    29 Jan: 5:40pm

    Festive performance

    LED Lion & Dragon Dance 
    Don't miss this LED Lion and Dragon dance performance by the Singapore Nanxian Dragon and Lion Sports Association, which will light up the night and mesmerise the audience with their energetic moves.   

    Performance Timings
    28 Jan: 7:35pm
    4 Feb: 8:15pm
    5 Feb: 7:40pm